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Hello world!

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the Thrifty Cookbook blog

I’m Lou a forty-something mum to two young boys. I decided to set up a blog because I’ve always had a passion for cooking but since having the boys money has become tight. I wanted to start a blog of low cost recipes you can make with ingredients that are cheap but will still make delicious meals.  

I know the rising prices of food has meant that a lot of people are having to be more thrifty with the meals that they cook hopefully this blog can help with this. I have concentrated on recipes that are simple and easy to prepare but are still full of flavour.

I know a lot of people are dab hands at cooking, they’ve been doing it for years and might just be here looking for a bit of inspiration. That’s great but I’ve also included some posts for novice cooks who are new to cooking from scratch. I don’t want to teach my granny how to suck eggs but at the same time I thought these type of posts might be helpful to any newbie cooks.

I apologise but my food photos aren’t the best but with two young boys I haven’t got the time to faff about taking beautifully lit photos of the food I’ve prepared. My photos are honest pictures of the food, I’m usually taking a quick snap on my phone before shovelling it in my mouth and sorting out two squabbling boys!  All that matters to me is whether it’s nutritious and it tastes good. Gordon Ramsay or Paul Hollywood aren’t popping round to mine anytime soon!

I hope you like the recipes.


Lou xx

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